Unknown Devices released Raiju

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Unknown Devices released Raiju, a percussive synthesizer module with an analog LPG for eurorack.

Raiju (雷獣) – the embodiment of lightning in animal form. Divine beasts, akin to the thunder gods (raijin), it is said that whenever a lightning strikes ground, a raijū has been sent to bring punishment.


  • Percussive synthesizer with an analog LPG
  • ADSR Envelope generator:
    • Range selector (up to 100s per stage)
    • Shape control
      • Configurable EOS output
  • Complex Triangle core digital oscillator:
    • rich sound palette, from mellow sounds to harsh noises
    • 5-stages wavefolder with gain and offset control macro
    • pitch decay envelope
    • Integrated Web configurator:
  • personalize the module behaviour to fit your playstyle
    • load, save and backup presets
    • Update the firmware without the need of a computer.


More info here: Unknown Devices | Raiju

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