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UVI released KAWAI Vintage Legacy


UVI released KAWAI Vintage Legacy, a collection of 5 instruments, featuring hand-crafted synthesizers and a drum module, created for music production of any style. Based on vintage KAWAI synthesizers from the 1980s, these instruments may not be as well-known today, but their sounds feature a distinct character and unique edge that make them a true hidden gem for today’s producers and composers.

Each of the included instruments takes inspiration from classic KAWAI hardware, including the K1, K3, K4, K5, XD5 and R100. Each features its own individual sound and synthesis method, from the K1’s digital PCM waveforms to the K3’s hybrid analog approach, to the additive synthesis of the K5, these instruments offer a massive range of creative options for sound designers and producers, meanwhile the R100/XD5 drum module features a tasteful 12-bit sample engine perfect for adding a dirty, lo-fi vibe to your beats.

149,00 €

More info here: UVI | KAWAI Vintage Legacy

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