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UVI released Percussion Factory


UVI released Percussion Factory, a new Percussion Instrument Library for Music Producers and Composers This library features over 5,000 high-quality percussion samples and loops, covering a range of styles and genres.

Percussion Factory includes a range of percussion instruments, including drums, shakers, tambourines, bells, and more. The library features samples and loops that were recorded in studios around the world, using a range of vintage and modern equipment.

“We’re excited to release Percussion Factory, our latest instrument library”. “This library offers a wide range of high-quality percussion sounds that can be used in a range of genres, from world music to electronic music and beyond. With over 5,000 samples and loops to choose from, Percussion Factory is a must-have tool for music producers and composers.”

Intro: 99,00 € (-33.5%)
Regular: 149,00 €

More info here: UVI | Percussion Factory

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