Vienna Symphonic Library released Harp Glissandos for free

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Vienna Symphonic Library released Harp Glissandos for free

When you think about the harp, you may immediately think of the angelic sounds that only this magical instrument is able to produce. Most of all, it’s the glissando that evokes notions of celestial music and heavenly dreams.
And if you dream of free instruments from Vienna, you’re in for a delightful awakening!

This free instrument provides a wide variety of harp glissandos, perfectly organized in the Synchron Player’s patch structure, and its plentiful variations are easily accessible across the keyboard. The glissandos are available in all 12 major and minor scales, played upwards and downwards. What’s more, you may choose between slow, medium and fast glissandos played over the full range of the instrument, or just in the low range, mid range or high range.

More info and free download here: Vienna Symphonic Library | Harp Glissandos

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