Vocal Pockets releases groove packs

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With its novel groove packs, Vocal Pockets solves the challenge of getting a better groove when producing on a computer. Vocal Pockets has developed carefully-crafted groove packs that reduce the need to (i) manually nudge notes and (ii) rely on compressors and delays to get a better groove. The packs have been described by a multi-platinum producer and engineer as a “game changer.” Simply load the pack contents into your music production software and use them as custom quantization settings. The packs take music off the straight 1/16th note grid and as a result give your tracks a more natural feel and create new melodic spaces for a vocalist to perform. The packs are designed with certain genres in mind, but can be used in all genres.

For a limited time, Vocal Pockets is offering 50% off its unique groove packs. Visit the website and sign up for the 50% discount by selecting the “Save” prompt. Follow Vocal Pockets on Instagram to learn about special discounts.

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