VoicAs released Q^Mix

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VoicAs released Q^Mix, a four channels CV/Audio polarising mixer module for Eurorack.

Q^Mix is a four-channel CV and audio mixer designed to take simple signals and combine them into something altogether new.
The four DC-coupled inputs feature a switch that selects between linear attenuation or bi-polar attenuversion.
Q^Mix can be used to sum simple signals to create much more complex results.
perfect for use as a final volume control when used as an audio mixer.

Technical Specifications

  • All inputs are DC-coupled.
  • Four-channel audio and CV mixer.
  • Logarithmic attenuation on the output stage.
  • Input impedance: 100k for all inputs.
  • Noise filtering and resettable fuses on the module’s power input.
  • Reverse current protection.

Current Draw

  • +12V : 5mA
  • -12V : 5mA


  • Width : 6HP
  • Depth : 10mm


More info here: VoicAs | Q^Mix

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