W. A. Production released Make Me Scream

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W. A. Production released Make Me Scream, a Two-Stage Saturation plugin.

In a world with so many options for distortion and saturation, where do you turn when you want an effect that really slams? We have the solution to your saturation search, with Make Me Scream.

It’s a crazy sounding name for a crazy sounding plugin that contains a 2-stage effect, with 4 different distortion types and 4 alternate timbre modes. The musicality of your audio is maintained with a smart signal follower that shapes the distortion envelope in line with the transients of your track. To get the most from distortion it’s a good idea to feed the module a slightly saturated signal in the first place, so we’ve added an adjustable preamp tube at the beginning of the signal chain. This 2-stage effect results in a far more dramatic sounds then regular distortion, as the initial tube processing gives the distortion a juicy overdriven signal to latch on to.


More info here: W. A. Production | Make Me Scream

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