Wavefonix released Logic

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Wavefonix released Logic, a new eurorack module that offers a range of boolean logic functions including AND, OR and NOT.
The AND gate is useful for combining signals to trigger a signal event; such as a patching gate signals from multiple sequencers. The OR gate is great for creating polyrhythms from multiple signal inputs.

The module also features comparator-based inputs to allow a range of non-gated signals to be used, such as envelopes or a sine wave etc.


  • Offers a range of boolean logic functions, including AND, OR and NOT.
  • All outputs are standard +5V logic.
  • Comparator-based inputs allow non-gated signals to be used e.g. envelopes, sine wave etc.
  • LED indicators on each output.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Hand-built and tested in the UK.

More info here: Wavefonix | Logic

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