Wavefonix released W614 Modular Synthesizer

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Wavefonix released W614 Modular Synthesizer, an excellent, compact system for the studio; offering a good balance between versatility and portability. It features the essential modules that you would expect from a small studio setup, but with a broader range of modulation and sonic possibilities over the smaller W314, along with sequencing capabilities from our 8-Step Sequencer.

The system is housed in an elegant, solid walnut 6U, 104HP case. Also included is a premium integrated PSU from Konstant Lab.

Included in the system are the following modules:

  • 1 x MIDI Interface (MIDI)
  • 2 x 3340 Dual Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
  • 1 x 1847 Wavetable VCDO
  • 1 x 6-Channel Linear Mixer or 6-Channel Audio Mixer
  • 1 x 2140 Low-Pass Filter (LPF), 2144 Low-Pass Filter (LPF) or 3320 Low-Pass Filter (LPF)
  • 1 x 3310 Envelope Generator (EG)
  • 1 x 3310 VC Envelope Generator (VCEG)
  • 1 x Noise Generator (NG)
  • 1 x 3360 Quad Linear VCA
  • 1 x 2710 Envelope Follower (EF)
  • 1 x Ring Modulator (RM)
  • 1 x Dual Sample & Hold (S&H)
  • 1 x Clock Divider (CD)
  • 1 x 8-Step Sequencer
  • 1 x Linear Attenuator (AT)
  • 1 x Dual Switch (SW)
  • 1 x 4×4 Passive Multiple (PM)
  • 2 x Dual Low-Frequency Oscillator (LFO)
  • 1 x VCD Low-Frequency Oscillator (VCDLFO)
  • 1 x 3-Channel Stereo Panning Mixer
  • 1 x Audio Out (AO)

£2,299.99 Excluding VAT

More info here: Wavefonix | W614 Modular Synthesizer

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