27. November 2020 | Black Friday | Noizefield

Waves released CLA EchoSphere for Free


Waves released CLA EchoSphere for Free as thier annual Black Friday tradition offering a new plugin for free.

Slap Delay & Plate Reverb from Chris Lord-Alge

Designed with legendary mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse, Bruce Springsteen), CLA EchoSphere combines Chris’s #1 slap delay and #1 plate reverb.
This is CLA’s go-to combination for lush lead vocals, based on his settings for two of his favorite hardware units.
You can easily blend the two effects using the plugin’s faders – either in parallel, or with the delay sent to the reverb, as Chris does to achieve his unique lead vocal sound.
Use this stellar-sounding slap/plate combination to turn any lead part – whether a lead vocal, guitar solo or lead synth line – into the standout element of your production.

More info here: Waves | CLA EchoSphere for Free

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  1. Intenté instalar el complemento de batería Sitala, de Decomposer en mi sistema operativo de 64 bits, pero en la instalación una casilla decía que se iba a instalar en 32 bits. Podrían ustedes darme alguna aclaración a este contrasentido, por favor?


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