Weston Precision Audio released 2V2 Dual Oscillator

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Weston Precision Audio released 2V2 Dual Oscillator, a dual analog voltage controlled oscillator module in a 16HP Eurorack form factor. 2V2 contains 2 identical triangle-core analog VCOs which are both capable of through-zero frequency modulation. The right VCO can be hard or soft-synced to the left VCO. Each VCO has a complement of 6 outputs and can be switch to low-frequency operation and act as a voltage controlled or free-running LFO.

+ 2 independent analog VCOs with TZFM and Exponential FM
+ Hard and soft sync between the 2 VCOs
+ Each FM input has a VCA to shape FM amount via envelope or other signal
+ Great tracking and thermal stability
+ Each VCO has sine, triangle, PWM, sawtooth, and sub-octave square wave outputs

More info here: Weston Audio | 2V2 Dual Oscillator

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