23. March 2023 | News | Carl

Whooshes – 100 soundeffects by Ghosthack


The Cinematic Essentials – Whooshes collection features 100 transition sounds in three main categories; cinematic, breaths and dry. From classic airy whooshes to futuristic fly-bys, these samples are ready to be dropped into your projects for instant impact. Add a greater sense of motion to objects or help bring transitions to life in an engaging way. And do it all knowing that every sound was designed to work well in a busy mix.

This curated pack contains only whooshes, so you can stay focused on the sound you need in the moment and not get caught up searching through large libraries for the right sound. It’s intended to help make your workflows faster, easier and more focused. Whether you work in film, television, video games, podcasts, or any for of media that uses sound, you’ll reach for the Cinematic Essentials – Whooshes collection again and again. All sounds are 100% royalty-free and cleared for use in your projects. You never have to worry about the legal stuff with Ghosthack!

Ghosthack – Whooshes

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