Win yourself an ESI U22 XT cosMik Set for recording

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Beat magazine announces their monthly giveaway:

Win yourself an ESI U22 XT cosMik Set for recording.
The U22 XT cosMik Set, an all-in-one solution for professional voice and vocal recordings, can be won at the current Beat Magazine giveaway.

The U22 XT cosMik Set is an all-in-one solution for voice and vocal recordings, for direct processing on PC or Mac. The components of the set are the U22 XT USB audio interface, the cosMik 10 condenser microphone including bracket and XLR cable, as well as the eXtra 10 headphones. This combination allows for immediate listening to the created recordings. Join in right away and win!

About the U22 XT cosMik Set
The cosMik Set can be used for the creation of podcasts, for vocal recordings or as a basic building block for a home studio. Besides Bitwig 8-Track the set also includes the software Deckadance LE v2 by Stanton and the inTone 2 ESI Edition by Audified. With this recording studio, every singer-songwriter, podcaster or first-time producer can start immediately and put his ideas into action immediately.

UX22 XT: Compact 24-bit USB audio interface
The U22 XT is USB-bus-powered and offers 2 analog input and 2 analog output channels with line output (RCA), a microphone preamp with XLR input and +48V phantom power, a Hi-Z instrument input for guitars, a headphone amplifier and jack outputs. Listening and headphone volume and monitoring are controlled directly on the front panel. The U22 XT offers drivers that enable especially low latency – with support for WDM, ASIO 2.0 and CoreAudio based on the in-house EWDM and DirectWIRE technology.

Also included: Bitwig 8-Track
The U22 XT comes with the Bitwig Studio 8-Track software, the slim audio workstation that lets you produce and perform right away. Create your own recordings, arrange your tracks, imrovise: the Bitwig 8-Track software developed by musicians for musicians offers everything you could wish for.

High-quality monitoring headphones: eXtra 10

The eXtra 10 is a lightweight headphone that provides clear and precise reproduction for listening in the studio. It is designed to fit any head size and features isolated earpads. This makes them extremely comfortable, especially during extended use. eXtra 10 provides a well-balanced sound image, especially due to the specially selected sound transducers. Thus all details of the mix can be heard over it, over the full frequency spectrum.

cosMik 10: Studio condenser microphone
The cosMik 10 is a cardioid condenser microphone for the studio. It can be used universally for vocals, acoustic guitars or even in front of a guitar combo. The microphone offers good reproduction of even the smallest musical details, nuances and harmonies, which are often lost in comparable microphones. Due to the low self-noise it is possible to record the full dynamic range with all details. Together with a stand, foam windscreen and XLR cable, you can start right away.

Win the complete U22 XT cosMik set now
Just click here to participate. The closing date for entries is October 31, 2020. Beat Magazine wishes all participants good luck!

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