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WMD Devices released Performance Mixer MKII


WMD Devices has announced that preorders are open for the first production run of the Performance Mixer MKII. The company expects to begin shipping production units in September, with the bulk likely to ship in October. The modules available in the preorder include PM MKII, Returns, DB25 MKII, and Direct Outs. International Preorders are available through the web form or favorite international dealers. Preorders will close on June 7th, 2024, including dealer orders.

Performance Mixer MKII – A Serious Upgrade

The Performance Mixer MKII is a significant upgrade from the MKI, with feature enhancements and engineering improvements affecting every aspect of the design. The original Performance Mixer changed the eurorack landscape, making mixing more intuitive and instant, allowing users to travel without a heavy outboard mixer, and keeping their system patched. The MKII incorporates valuable feedback and suggestions from users, resulting in a more advanced and complicated design.


Some of the improvements in the final MKII include stereo inputs, busses, auxes, and cue mix. Each channel has a gain trim range of -12dB to +20dB, making it easy to use line level devices. The mixer also features a smooth intuitive curve for adjusting the mix level on the fly, a crossfader for left and right inputs, and stereo sends that can be pre or post pan/fader. Additionally, the MKII has stereo balanced outputs and a LED VU meter to show the level of the final mixing bus before the MASTER pot.

Expansion Modules

The PM MKII has several expansion modules, including DB25 MKII, Direct Outs, and PM Channels MKII, allowing users to add more channels and connectivity to their setup.


€1412.95 (Preorders)

More info here: WMD Devices | Performance Mixer MKII

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