XY StudioTools released Song Sketch

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XY StudioTools released Song Sketch, a song structure editor for Ableton Live.

Song Sketch works with: Ableton Live 10 Suite or Live 10 Standard with Max For Live 8 as an add-on license. Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Windows 10. Minimum 8GB RAM, recommended 8GB+.
Use Song Sketch to:

  • Speed up song arrangement. In Song Sketch you can quickly draft a song arrangement based on your musical ideas.
  • Achieve an integrated workflow. Song Sketch supports easy switching between composing the parts and arranging the song.
  • Explore. Accessing arrangement patterns of different styles makes it fun and intuitive to explore arrangement techniques in new genres.
  • Leverage your experience. While in the traditional DAW workflow, an arrangement is tied to one project, Song Sketch introduces the possibility to work with arrangement as presets that can be customised and used with different musical ideas.

More info here: XY StudioTools | Song Sketch

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