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Zlosynth Instruments released Achordion


Zlosynth Instruments released Achordion, a new eurorack module that allows you to do many things, but in essence, it is just a bunch of oscillators that never go out of tune or out of scale! Apart from playing anything between lush pads and hellish walls of sound, it enables you to easily jam with other musicians and explore characters of different scales. If you don’t know any music theory, don’t despair, the module will do all the harmony maths and all left for you to do is to use your intuition. If you, on the other hand, understand the basics of music theory, with this instrument, you can leverage it.

With up to 18 simultaneous voices and smart quantization, this module is much more than a regular VCO.

  • Aluminium panel with high-quality anodized finish
  • CNC engraved lettering
  • 10 HP, skiff friendly
  • Based around Electro-Smith’s Daisy Patch SM platform
  • Wavetable synthesis, 37 wavetables, smooth transitions
  • Up to 18 simultaneous voices
  • Sub-octaves, duplicated tones, and chords
  • 4 styles of playing – single tone, chords, arpeggios, intervals
  • Quantization to selected scale
  • Any scale can be played with the white piano keys
  • Two lines with independent 1V/oct inputs and audio outputs
  • LEDs visualizing dialed parameters
  • Programmed in Rust

To learn more, see the video above or read the User Manual.

More info here: Zlosynth Instruments | Achordion

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