Noizefield Live#03 electric city 2015 – the leading clubnight

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For the fifteenth times electric-city invited national and international top acts for „a leading clubnight“.
With only one ticket, round about 7000 dance-crazy party people got access to ten different clubs for in Koblenz an Mülheim-Kärlich (Germany). A top organisation by i-Motion via shuttlebus made this club-hopping possible.

One of the most popular clubs this evening has been „Agostea“ with a great warm-up by Tom Baxter, untill Stefan Dabruck took over the decks with an awesome pushing EDM and House set. Tracks like „Earthquake“ and „Prayer in C“ have never been missed out and made the crowd go wild until „Gestört aber GeiL“, the headliner of this evening, brought up the audience temper to cook. Also Hugel from Marseille has played in the small club Music Hall at Agostea, and made the crowd, especially the girls go dancing with actual house smash hits, like Felix Jaehns „Ain’t nobody“.

A must-have for all fans of the harder styles has been the set of Angerfist, the number 38 in the world ranking of the DJs. His merciless hardcore tracks at the packed „Nachtwerk“ pushed the crowd to the limit. D-Ceptor & Newstyler continued with the harder styles and the crowd enjoyed it very well. For those who wanted to hear Hardstyle, they just neeed to go upstairs in the smaller club „Club 4004“ at „Nachtwerk“. Acts like The Pressurehead, Delora and Devil2K knew how to rock the crowd.

Fans of the groovy beats had a lot of fun at the „Dreams“ club. Aka Aka from Berlin have been the top-acts that night and played a fabulous tech-house set, followed by Heiko Gemein. Another headliner at electric city has been the live-act of the hard techno act BMG at „Dance Palace“. Felix Kröcher made with his strictly techno set a great finish at the „Palais – The club“. After closing of all clubs at six o’clock, the after hour started with Kerstin Eden in a bulging „Unter Tage“.

  • Agostea_Ebene 1
  • Angerfist2_Ebene 1
  • Angerfist_Ebene 1
  • Bus_Ebene 1
  • Dabruck2_Ebene 1
  • Dabruck_
  • Delora_Ebene 1
  • Dreams_
  • Felix front_
  • Gestoert aber geiL_
  • Nachtwerk2_
  • Nachtwerk3_
  • Nachtwerk3_Ebene 1
  • Nachtwerk_
  • Newstyler_
  • Palais1_
  • Palais2_
  • Pressurehead_Ebene 1
  • unter Tage 2_
  • unter Tage_

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