Sonic Core SCOPE on Windows 10 (Pulsar I, Pulsar II, Luna, SCOPE)

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Sonic Core Scope running on Windows 10

Recently I had issues on Windows 10 with my very old but still dearly beloved Pulsar I audio interface/ audio card from Sonic Core (formally known as Creamware). Officially products like Sonic Core 6 DSP, Sonic Core 14 DSP, SCOPE, Pulsar I, Pulsar II, Luna, PowerSampler, Elektra, etc. are not supported anymore by Sonic Core. With Pulsar I in my case, I can totally understand that. Pulsar I for example is already very old. I believe I bought mine in 1999 or 2000 – so the card is 16 Years old now!

Nevertheless the Pulsar I was allays working and I still like the concept and it’s features. So I was very curious if it will work with Windows 10 … and it did NOT :(
Then I searched the internet and finally found the solution on the PlanetZ Forum.

In basic words, the issue is the driver signature enforcement in windows 10. This means that Windows will only accept and load drivers that have been signed by Microsoft.

Now, how can I force Windows to ignore the driver signature enforcement?

Fortunately there is an option to do that: “DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

I did several tests and finally I could install Sonic Core SCOPE PCI on my Windows 10 without any issue. Here is a little step by step guide:

Install Sonic Core Scope on Windows 10
  1. Before you start the Sonic Core Scope installer please disable the integrity check on windows 10 by opening the command prompt (CMD) as Administrator
  2. Execute the two commands:
    bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
    bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON
  3. Now restart Windows! Without a reboot it will not work.
  4. After the system was rebooted, install the Sonic Core Scope installer as Administrator.
  5. Now execute the installer as usual.
  6. Finally the diver setup will start and find the proper driver.
  7. Restart the machine again.

Now Sonic Core Scope is installed and you are ready to play :)

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  1. Hola.necesito ayuda por favor.tengo una pulsar 1 y quiero hacerla funcionar con Windows 7 a 32 y 64bits.que alcance tendría que poner draiver controlador y que versión.yo tengo hasta la versión 3.0 . díganme qué sería lo más adecuado para que mi pulsar funcione .y que tendría que hacer para adquirir una versión compatible. gracias

    1. Author

      Sorry I dont understand spanisch. You need the Sonic Core V5 Software or newer. Does this answer your question?

    2. hey miguel angel sigue las indicaciones que te dice el creador del hilo o mira este video que tambien lo explica:



    1. Author

      Hi, very good question. I guess it should work.
      Why don’t you give it a try?


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