Talk-Zone #27 Interview with RANDYMAN

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Welcome Randell. Congratulation! You’re the winner of the Noizefield remix contest („Free your mind“). Did you expect that you will be the winner and how does it feel?
rAnDYMAN Remix Winner track

Carl First of all, I must thank you and Noizefield for this opportunity. I only wanted to take on the challenge. I was hopeful for a possible win, but I really didn’t expect the win. I figured by this being a contest, what better chance to have my material heard ( win or not ). The win along with the new hookup with Reinhard Piel and A45 is very nice.

Your song is very special and doesn’t reflect the actual EDM scene. Which kind of style would you describe your remix track and is this your favourite style that you’re always producing or do you also like other kind of styles?

Thanks! First of all, I totally respect Mr. DJ Mario Lopez and the classic trance EDM original he rocked and continues to rock the clubs and minds with. I attempted to add foundation elements of trap sounds along with urban vibes, while sprinkling a bit of EDM sounds on top of it all. I’m glad you guys liked the idea.
I’m really into ALL genres so each song is really a gumbo of sounds.

Tell something about you. What you’re actually doing and how you came to the idea to start a producer career for electronic music?

Well, I’m a school teacher by day. (4th graders this year). I’ve realized that music definately assist me when communicating with students. Music is a language we all can relate to. Music has always been a passion for me and is more than a hobby. I can listen to ALL genres and learn something from it. My producing partner Darren Mays and I have a production called Bridge12 Entertainment. In the past we have worked on projects for a few big names including Usher (during the Confessions album). Though our tracks were not released, the contacts and experience was and is priceless. Darren and I have produced a few genres R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and Country. He actually turned me on to producing EDM and I am hooked.

Have you got released a track or remix and which forthcoming projects or tracks could be expected next?

Bridge12 Entertainment is working with an Artist we have ( Idelia Mars ) her song is entitled “Runway“ Produced by Darren Mays and Co- Written by me ( Randell rAnDy MAN! Washington ) The song can be found on Itunes, Google Play,..,,Amazon….and Starfleet Music…

When you start producing a new track, which kind of element will be created first? Do you start with the lyrics, or the drums or maybe with the harmonics first?

I usually get a melody in my mind and that melody leads me to finding the right chords on the keyboard. When I have a chord structure I’m satisfied with, I will do a quick 8 to 16 bar rough recording of the keys. Then I start building a solid basic drum beat without adding to much until I get a vocal melody in mind. Honestly, my creating process has no set pattern. I guess you can call my song building proccess a Rhapsody, because I could be working on a beat, then spontaniously jump to a keyboard riff / melody if it hits me. (laughing)

Have you got already produced other tracks (maybe together with someone else) and if you did, which kind of equipment do you use for the recording and mixing process? Do you prefer software and if you do which DAW or plugins do you use?

Yes sir,when I’m working with Darren ( producing partner ), he uses Pro Tools with Waves, Kontakt, Native Instuments etc.
My DAW of choice is Mixcraft 7 Pro because it allows me a smooth and creative workflow, while allowing me to utilize many of the same plugins as Pro Tools. I’ve utilized the z3ta +2 synth, the Tone 2 Nemesis synth as well, as great plugins from Noizefield. I have used the Club Voltage for inspiration as well. I will be utilizing the ACE plugin synth from u-HE. (my prize for winning this contest) A DAW is just the canvas. Quality plugins (during the creating and mixing process) and quality Samplepacks are the most important tools for any DAW software setup (in my opinion).

America is a country that provides more soul, hip-hop and black music artist, right? Before the big EDM hype came up, it was hard for electronic music producers to fight against that concurrence. Why is it so difficult to get an entry for electronic musicians in America (especially for people from europe)?

There has been a shift. (laughing). You know Disco ( a close cousin to House and EDM) was very big in the 70s and early 80s. EDM and Dance music have been on the comeup. Actually, in recent years R&B has taken a 2nd or 3rd place ranking to Pop and EDM among the younger American crowds. A total shift from the 90s. Even artists like Usher and Chris Brown and many rappers are on the EDM dance tracks. I feel that R&B holds a higher rank in Europe at the moment. Jodeci recently breathed more life into it over here.
Right now, Dance music seems to be bringing EVERYONE together, like a world block party.. (laughing) I actually feel that the producers and DJs overseas are dominating this Dance EDM genre.

Now you’ve got the chance to tell our readers something that you always wanted to tell them.

Plain and simple, rAnDyMAN! is what my father has always called me and I’ve added the exclaimation point for a reason. (laughing)
I thank God and Jesus for insight on everything. My family & friends for supporting my music, my music producingpartner Darren Mays for lessons in music and life. I want to thank you and Noizefield for this contest opportunity. Please keep the invaluable information coming, my friend. I thank Reinhard Piel (A45 Music) and DJ Mario Lopez for digging the remix track. Also I want to thank Edvin and liya from Function Loops and u-He for spending his software prize. I look forward to its release and a cool musical relationship of sharing ideas with them.
For the DJs and producers who participated in this contest, you are all winners. Keep perfecting your craft. You will get to where you want to be….Stay in tune with Noizefield.

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