Free NI Kontakt Instrument: Jasper Blunk – Fortissimo Trumpet Ensemble

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Inspired by Blakus who released the emotioal cello at vi control forum , Jasper Blunk released Fortissimo Trumpet Ensemble which is also a free instrument for NI Kontakt.


  • Two trumpets, recorded in traditional seating position (towards the right).
  • Range: G3-Bb5
  • Marcatos: 6-second sustains with a sharp attack – mod-wheel controlling lo-pass for dynamics. SIPS legato active on initiation. 2 rr
  • Staccatos – velocity based lo-pass dynamic control. 5 rr
  • Matrix Swells [BONUS PATCH]: basic mf-ff-mf swells, with a slower decrescendo – velocity based dynamic control. 1 rr
  • Default is untuned sample pool, which I find is a bit more natural, but for the pitch sensitive, there is a alternative sample pool, gently hand-tuned, which may be some improvement.


More info here:
Free download here:

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