free samples: IdoruIx – Glitch Kit, Hum Organ & CZ Noise

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IdoruIx released 3 free samples/instruments – Glitch Kit, Hum Organ and CZ Noise.

“The first is a Battery Kit based on glitchy samples that were created in a custom Reaktor instrument. The Reaktor instrument is still in the works, but when it is finished I will post it here.”

“In my work, I have needed to deal with noise and hum generated by a selection of instruments, including (but not limited to) Hammond Organs, a  Vox Continental II, a Farfisa Compact and a Nintendo Gameboy. I kept some samples of their noise and hum and mapped them across the keyboard to create the Hum Organ. This instrument was used to create the pad swell that plays throughout the track. In the Kontakt instrument, you have control over the volume of each layer, a master volume envelope and a lowpass filter.”

“Lastly, I present to you the instrument responsible for the noise that opens the track:

So, so noisy.

I borrowed the CZ-101 from a colleague at work, and was planning to use it in a more melodic context, but the thing crapped out on me so I recorded the background noise of the instrument. What is nice about the CZ-101 noise is that it changes depending on which combination of controls you are using at any time. I sampled a few different patterns and placed them in a Kontakt instrument”

More info and download here:

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