visuals: Real-time 3D Animation mit Max for Live

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Vor kurzem habe ich auf vimeo einige spannende Videos entdeckt. Fabrizio Poce (aka june74) hat ein Modul mit dem Namen V-Module für Ableton Max for Live entwickelt.

“V-Module is a collection of multiple M4L devices which can be freely interconnected (or mostly so) to create potentially very complex real-time “media” processing chains within Ableton Live workflow. V-Module works on top of Ableton Live’s Max for Live (M4L) environment and is essentially a Live-like interface to Jitter functionalities in Max (along with a few creations of mine).

“Audio drives vertex generation of objects and volumes. Render-to-texture feedback used to create a “mirror” effect. Position and rotation in space, colors and “scene” groups controlled in real-time through clip envelopes and MIDI manual controls. Ableton Live used to host the entire environment (Max for Live). “

Es gibt auch einige Tutorial Videos von Fabrizio Poce die zeigen wie V-Module funktioniert:

Weitere Infos hier:

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