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Flandersh Tech released Stepocea for free


Flandersh Tech released Stepocea for free, a polyphonic stereo synthesizer for VST3 (64-bit) tuned for spatial, massive leads and pads that evolves in counterpoint.


  • Four fat sounding oscillators with pan.
  • Individual convolution reverb per oscillator
  • Dual amp envelope and mod envelope.
  • Dual multitype filters with envelope and LFO.
  • Individual arpeggiators for each oscillator.
  • Oscilloscope and spectrum meter.

Highlights in 1.5:

  • CPU Optimized.
  • New oscillator shapes.
  • New option to load custom single cycle waveforms (SCW) to use as oscillator shapes (many to be found online).
  • New individual filters and effects sections.
  • New effects: FM, Ringmod, Air EQ, Autopan, and Reverbed noise.

More info and free download here: Flandersh Tech released Stepocea – Free polyphonic stereo synth for Windows VST3

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