Klark Teknik released KT-2A, EQP-KT, 76-KT

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Klark Teknik released hardware clones of 3 legendary machines for a very affordable price. The KT-2A (clone of a Teletronix LA-2A), EQP-KT (clone of a Pultec EQP-1A) and 76-KT (clone of a Urei 1176LN).


Classic Leveling Amplifier with Vacuum Tubes, Optical Attenuator and Midas Transformers

Classic Tube Equaliser with Switchable Frequency Selection, Variable Bandwidth and Custom-Built MIDAS Transformers

Classic FET-Style Compressor with Class-A Line Level Amplifier and MIDAS Transformers

More info here: Klark Teknik

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