Loopmasters released Eclipse

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Loopmasters released Eclipse

Loopmasters present Eclipse, an ambient selection of minimal cinematics, lush harmonies and sweeping pads, designed to be the perfect soundtrack for stargazing and unwinding on post-rave early mornings. All content here is 100% royalty free and brings a concise, deep sound palette that will provide a pool of inspiration to tap into when generating your soundscapes.

Eclipse has over 700MB of content with loops, one-shots and sampler patches all included. Deep synth harmonies, precise drums, subsonic basses, emotive vocals, expansive atmospheres, thick textures, big brass and much more are all included in crystal clear quality. Produced, polished and ready to drop in your production, Eclipse is loaded with electronic nuances and soothing vibrational waves that combine organic and synthetic elements. All melodic content is key labelled for smooth integration in your projects, so prepare to craft an effortlessly tranquil downtempo vibe!

At tempos between 85-95bpm, you can expect Eclipse to work harmoniously with chill out, downtempo, ambient, lounge and electronica.

In detail, expect to find 719 MB of content, with all audio recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ. There are 48 drum loops, 45 synth loops, 27 bass loops, 21 percussion loops, 18 keys loops, 18 guitar loops, 18 pad loops, 14 hat loops, 8 vocal loops, 6 texture loops, 5 brass loops, 2 drum fx loops, 2 string loops, 1 combi loop and 1 harmonica loop. One-shots included are 83 drum hits, 32 fx, 12 atmospheres, 10 bass hits, 9 instrument riffs and 8 instrument hits. Also included are 43 Soft Sampler Patches.


719 MB
24Bit 44.1KHZ
48 Drum Loops
45 Synth Loops
27 Bass Loops
21 Percussion Loops
18 Keys Loops
18 Guitar Loops
18 Pad Loops
15 Hat Loops
8 Vocal Loops
6 Texture Loops
5 Brass Loops
2 Drum Fx Loops
2 String Loops
1 Combi Loop
1 Harmonica Loop
1 Ride Loop
83 Drum Hits
32 Fx
12 Atmospheres
10 Bass Hits
9 Instrument Riffs
8 Instrument Hits
43 Soft Sampler Patches

Download teaser pack for: Eclipse | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | Eclipse

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